Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Rock Ranch

We spent a day at The Rock Ranch in The Rock, GA. It's an "Agritourism" ranch that is owned by the Chick Fil A owner here in GA. We had a wonderful time! This was the first family outing that we did with just the 5 of us for an entire day. The town of "The Rock" is about an hour from here and is in the middle of nowhere. It was quite a quiet and scenic ride out there. Every fall they have their fall family fun days only on Saturdays and the rest of the year they are only open for private events. So, we made sure to visit on the "Hot Air Balloon Rally" event day. The balloons were so beautiful! Jillian and Mike got to take a tethered ride up in one of the balloons that night. For only $15! They both raved out it! Matthew and William certainly enjoyed all the new scenery; next year they will have even more fun as they join Jillian in all the activities. :-)

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